The Story of INC


To explain what I’m talking about, let’s take a look at the past.

It was 2008 and Michele and Claudia were fuming cause each time they met their friend of Janus Design they never got to play together. It could seem strange but we live very far apart. Usually, we meet at conventions where, sure, we get to play but mostly to demo our games to people who don’t know them. And when it’s evening and the convention is over, we’re so tired we can’t really play anything.

So we decided to change things and create ourselves a situation where we would satisfy all of our gaming cravings. We get in touch with a friend who has a farmhouse for a gaming week-end. We chose a date and start collecting confirmation of attendance from people.

Instead of the foreseen “max 10 people”, we found ourselves with 18 attendees. Excited by this result we organize a rich Programme of gaming sessions organized in orderly gaming slots, we collect subscription to events and even invent a name for this whole event: InterNosCon (“Inter Nos” being latin and meaning “between us” because, theorically, this was a very intimate event). The result is an astoundingly amusing week-end which you can see here.


After the first edition we decide we mean business. For the 2009 edition we leave the hills and relocate by the sea. We find the ideal place in the Hotel Brasilia in Lido di Classe where we get the awesome support of the hotel staff. The convention is a success: 71 enthusiastic attendees in place of the 50 people foreseen. And, had we had more sleeping accomodations, it would have been even more.


In 2010 we’re still in Lido di Classe, but we move to a bigger hotel. We start the foreign guests tradition with Ron Edwards (Trollbabe, Spione, Sorcerer) from USA and Tobias Wrigstad (Dubbio, The Upgrade!) from Sweden. They gift us with a number of panels, workshops and gaming sessions to grace an already astounding Programme. We’re so lucky we get with us also Frederik J. Jensen from Denmark, the author of Montsegur 1244 (practically the most played game of the Con!).

2010 is also the first year of INC Book (Riflessioni Appassionate, italian text only, sorry). Our Call for Papers gathers 11 contribution from Italy and outside of it and, being still available on line, sparks discussions and dialogue for the following years.


We move again, this time from the seaside to the hills. 2011 marks also the beginning of our collaboration with the town of Bertinoro and a closer bond with the territory. This year guests of honour are Paul Czege (My Life with Master, Nicotine Girls, Bacchanal), Danielle Lewon (Kagematsu) and again Ron Edwards (Trollbabe, Spione, Sorcerer) who gifts also us with an ashcan of his game about the Lebanon war in development at the time: Shahida allowing us to include it in the convention welcome kit.

During the saturday evening event a “theatre meets game” show is presented to a full theatre.


We’re still in Bertinoro and this year we have many friends helping us so things run considerably smoother. Also this is the first time of the “bring your own” welcome cocktail with the amazing game-food guide by Ezio Melega.

This year’s guests are Meguey Baker (1001 Nights, Psi Run) and Marco Donadoni best known for his Intenational Team works.


Bertinoro is now the fixed place fon InterNosCon. This was the third year in which the city was able to convey the best aspects of Romagna: hospitality, great food, wine and entertainment. The most astonishing moment of INC’13 has been the welcome cocktail: over 30 culinary delights from all around Italy, so abundant that they showed on the tables instead of the usual snacks for all three days of the convention! And then the collaboration with one of the most famous game design contest, Game Chef 2013, for the first time in a full-international edition. It started on Friday and every participant in their welcome kit got delivered a copy of the rules and the ingredients of the contest. Being able to see people playing along with people creating games was wonderful: we just hope to being able to play those games at InterNosCon 2014.