INC and Bertinoro


Questa edizione di INC si terrà a Bertinoro, ridente località dell’Emilia_Romagna arroccata su una collina circondata da vigneti a pochi passi da Forlì.

The name of city is a story in itself. The legend tells that Galla Placidia, daughter of Emperor Theodosius, passing trought the region, tasted a local wine served in a humble clay cup, and exclaimed: “Non di così rozzo calice sei degno, o vino, ma di berti in oro” (Oh Wine! This humble cup is not worthy of you, you should be drunk in a gold chalice). The wine of the legend was the local white Albana, produced in this area and known since Roman times.

An important symbol of Bertinoro is the Anella’s column (“column of rings” in italian) a symbol of hospitality and of Bertinoro itself. According to tradition, this column was erected by Guido del Duca and Arrigo Mainardi, two 13th century noblemen from Bertinoro, in an attempt to pacify the quarrelling families of Bertinoro who were competing to offer hospitality to wayfarers arriving in the town, often the only source of information about what was happening in the rest of the world. By tying his horse to one of the twelve rings on the column, each corresponding to a Bertinoro family, the pilgrim would identify the family he would stay with.

Every year, on the first Sunday of September, the town recreates this ancient ritual: visitors tear off one of the many envelopes tied to the rings and are then welcomed as guests for lunch by the Bertinoro family corresponding to the selected envelope.

The places of our event

In collaboration with the Department of Culture of Bertinoro we will have at our disposal some rooms in the Palazzo Comunale, in the Tourism Office and in the historic centre. Every participants will receive, included in the Welcome Kit, a simple map to help them move in Bertinoro.

All the events will take places in rooms around the central square of Bertinoro.

Friday will begin with the Welcome Cocktail inside of Osteria l’Alternativa, a small and intimate place for the fisrt arrivals.

The main place of play will be the rooms of the Bertinoro’s Tourism Office, comfortable and welcoming, with view on the lookout and vineyards at the foot of the hill.

The buffet lunches on Saturday and Sunday will be held instead at the village hall Mirastelle, within walking distance from the center, always with the charming view of the hill.