What is INC

InterNosCon (or INC for short) is the contraction of Inter Nos Con (from Latin “inter nos”, literally “between us”, and the abbreviation of “convention”).

INC is a convention inspired by Northern European countries’ model (Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany), like Knutepunkt or Mittelpunkt.

This convention was born with the double aim of allowing the lovers of games and gaming design to meet and game, exchange experiences and socialize as well as allowing intrigued people and those not part of the “scene” to try as many games and experiences as possible.

This convention sports a core of “aficionados” who do constitute a group, but are also enthusiast that can’t wait to share their enthusiasm with newcomers. If you’ve never been to INC you can be sure you’ll immediately feel welcome anyway!

InterNosCon is GAMING

The gaming events promoted by INC are an activity halfway between improvisational theater and creative writing. Some people calls them role-playing games, some New Wave games, others “cream doughnut” (we’re not joking!)… Name them as you wish, but in the end they’re games that invite to aggregation and sharing to create accomplished and emotionally engaging stories. Participants can express their own personal creativity and sensibility, experiment feelings and emotions and confront themselves with their fellow gamers.

There are several themes that can be touched upon: from witty comedies to chivalric epics, from discussions about the Cold War to contemporary detective stories. There are several modes of interaction, too: sitting at the table or acting, using dice, cards, tokens. Every game is a new discovery, a special and unique experience.

InterNosCon is ROMAGNA

This event is part of a hospitable context, full of happiness and delicious things to eat and drink.

This event’s organizers are, for the most part, from Romagna, so they wish to further strengthen the bonds of this initiative with their region. For this reason, this year we’ve tried to get (and succeeded) the patronage and cooperation of Bertinoro’s municipality, which is our host. The experience we offer to the participants is tied to the games, but also to the hospitality typical of our area. INC being a chance to come to know the local specialties and the food and wine culture of Romagna contributes to the relaxed atmosphere of the convention.

InterNosCon is CULTURE

InterNosCon is a chance to know lots of people who love gaming and come from all kind of places and past experiences. It’s also an ideal opportunity to try that game that’s got our interest but we never managed to play, or to discover an endearing novelty among the many gaming options offered, listen to and take part in a guest’s panel, try an interesting workshop.

It’s also a chance to discuss about and reflect upon games and the dynamics surrounding them, discuss with other participants or international guests. It’ one of the few chances to “research” this are, be it through workshop and events or the INCbook release.

Citing the claim of Settimana Enigmistica, a famous Italian puzzle magazine, we could define INC as “the convention boasting several imitation attempts”. Following this successful “format”, several local gaming communities have started to offer similar events, but INC still is the point of reference and the only one with ambitious goals as research or popularization.