IMPORTANT: Please note that InterNosCon main language is italian but we will held many english language Events (check the Programme to see the language for each Event) and there will be lots of english speaking people.

The only way to participate to INC’14 is getting an invitation. The idea behind the invitation thing is to get people to talk and get in touch with each other. In fact one of our hopes with this event is to strengthen the bonds of a players community.

But how can I get an invitation?

The first invitations are those held by the attendees of the 2013 edition. In the same way each person attending InterNosCon 2014 will automatically receive the invitations for 2015 edition. Each invitation, once given to someone “spawns” 5 further invitations (in the same way used by Gmail). So Hamlet, who has an invitation, may invite Ofelia. As soon as she’s invited, Ofelia will automatically have 5 invitations which she can freely extend to Laertes, Gertrude, Claudius, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. Each of those now have 5 invitations which he can freely give away… The only limit to the invitation spawning is the hotels capacity.

VERY IMPORTANT: to be a confirmed participant, having an invitation is not enough. It is necessary also to have paid the registration fee (see for prices and payments).

Finding an invitation is really easy – and I mean it. The whole “invitation thing” is just an excuse to get in touch with some new people. You can ask for it in GenteCheGioca (in italian or english), or check the community Gente Che GPlus on Google Plus where you can meet most of this year and last year’s attendees. Should you still have trouble, you can just get in touch with us (in english) at and we’ll be glad to find an invitation for you.