On one of the convention days, I’ll be in the vicinity. May I stay for a while and play something?
Yes, it is possible to attend even one single day paying the daily fee. Unfortunately, it won’t be possible to have the “welcome kit” containing the INC Book and the t-shirt.

I don’t have an invitation. Where can I get one?
The best places are the www.gentechegioca.it forum or the Gente Che GPlus community on G+.

I’m not a member of the GenteCheGioca forum. Can I attend all the same?
Absolutely yes. It suffices having an invitation and paying the registration fee. All of the previous year attendees are automatically invited and have 5 invitation to give away. Everybody who receives an invitation becomes the happy owner of 5 further invitation and so on. So finding an invitation is really not hard at all. If you have problems with this please just contact us at staff@narrattiva.it, we’ll find an invitation for you.

I’m not a registered participant, may I submit an Event or sign up for one?
No, you also need an invitation and to pay the registration fee. Your Event may be provisionally added to the Programme but it will be canceled if you won’t complete your registration within April 30 2013.

Will there be a booth of publisher X?
No, there won’t be any booth. If you wish to take the chance and avoid paying shipping costs for your purchase from another attendee (either a person or a publisher) you’ll have to agree your negotiation privately. Instead you’ll probably have the chance to buy a “souvenir” from our partner bringing to INC the best in local wine, food and beer.

Who has to gain from INC’14?
Nobody gets any money from this convention. This is not an Event made by a company but by a cultural association. Eventual profits will be used to organize INC’14. The INC book will be published by Narrattiva who will give to Doctors Without Borders any eventual profit above the coverage of printing expenses.

Who’s organizing INC’14?
To begin with Cultural Association “IN”, but it will be only with the cooperation of all those attending that we’ll be able to have a really great event. InterNosCon 2014 is also made by all the people Facilitating an Event, taking on Secretary shift or helping in any other way. This is a self-managed event so it’s made by all those who lend a hand. Like we said before, we bring our own fun, INC’13 just supplies logistics and a convenient organization to have fun and get together.